For near two decades the Company produces exclusive, handcrafted Watch Winders, Watch Boxes and Watch Storage Solutions using superior materials and components with focus on producing the highest quality of workmanship. Innovative technology, outstanding design and durable components guarantee the best possible safekeeping for valuable timepieces.

The company was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Germany. The brand manufacturing in its own production facilities, where every single product is examined individually and manufactured with very high precision, under strict quality control. MODALO has a experienced, dynamic and highly professional team whose aims are to provide the very best quality products and service to the customer. Over the last decade MODALO has expanded the assortment, widen the product lines and gained access to global markets. Today the company developed a strong international position in Europe, Asia and North America with its prestigious brands MODALO, LUXTIME and LUXWINDER.

All employees, customers and business partners are treated in a fair and respectful manner with understanding, open-mindedness and an appreciation of diversity. We listen to our business partners and develop a strong and cooperative relationship with them. We are always responsible for what we do, individually and as company. The success of MODALO relies on the professional and human virtues of our employees and the passion for high-grade luxury products. We are continuouslymoving forward, innovating, and improving.